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Tuscon Nursing Home Fraud Cheats Residents of Over $100,000

The Arizona Attorney General’s office has brought fraud charges against a Tuscon nursing home owner. The Tuscon nursing home fraud case alleges that Jerone Davis scammed over a dozen nursing home residents out of their money. According to reports from The Arizona Star’s Tuscon.com, fourteen elderly residents have been robbed of over $100,000 in fees … Continue reading Tuscon Nursing Home Fraud Cheats Residents of Over $100,000

Perpetrator Charged in Nursing Home Birth Case in Arizona UPDATED: According to the New York Times, a 36-year-old nurse named Nathan Sutherland was charged with sexual assault and vulnerable adult abuse. Two months ago a patient in a vegetative state in Arizona gave birth which launched an investigation of mistreatment, rape, and abuse within nursing … Continue reading