Recognizing Nursing Home Abuse

Recognizing Abuse Checklist

Identifying Nursing Home Abuse

Emotional Abuse

☐ New or increased depression or anxiety
☐ Sudden withdrawal, social isolation
☐ Changes in alertness or behavior
☐ Consistent fear, distress
☐ Sucking, biting, rocking
☐ Strained or tense relationships
☐ Frequent anger, arguments
☐ Clear imbalance of power

Physical Abuse

Bedsores, pressure wounds or unexplained injuries
☐ Bruises, black eyes, welts, lacerations
☐ Open wounds, cuts, punctures
☐ Bone fractures or broken bones
☐ Rope marks or signs of restraint
☐ Broken glasses or torn clothing
☐ Unprescribed medicine in toxicology
☐ Sexually transmitted infections

Financial Abuse

☐ Changes in will, title or estate
☐ Unexplained withdrawal of money
☐ Unexplained or sudden asset transfer
☐ Disappearance of funds or assets
☐ Unauthorized withdrawal of funds
☐ Substandard care or unpaid bills
☐ Uninvolved relatives claiming rights
☐ Forged signatures or additional names


☐ Untreated pressure sores
Poor hygiene, dirty/saturated briefs
☐ Dehydration, malnutrition
☐ Unusual weight loss
☐ Recurring falls and fractures
☐ Untreated medical needs
☐ Unsafe living conditions
☐ Lack of medical aides
☐ Consistently in the same position
☐ Winces, tears or expresses pain while moving

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