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Chaplain’s Sexual Abuse In Illinois Nursing Home Exposed

A Chaplain in Quincy, Illinois is in jail after allegations emerged that he had sexually assaulted at least four women, two of them residents in a nursing home. The chaplain’s sexual abuse was discovered after 15 years of suspicions finally warranted in-depth investigation by the police. Detective Adam Gibson shared the story of the prosecution … Continue reading Chaplain’s Sexual Abuse In Illinois Nursing Home Exposed

Elderly Neglect In North Dakota Places Residents At Risk

Elderly neglect in North Dakota has been featured recently in the news, showcasing behaviors that put residents in serious danger and have led to complications and injuries in several North Dakotan nursing homes. One of the most shocking examples of elderly neglect in North Dakota happened in the town of Minot at the Trinity Homes … Continue reading Elderly Neglect In North Dakota Places Residents At Risk

Fraudulent Texas Nurse Jailed For Assaulting Elderly Patient

Collin County officials have arrested Ms. Glenda Basanes in connections with forging a nursing license and assaulting a 92-year-old resident of the Loving Care Home in Lucas, Texas. The fraudulent Texas nurse now resides in Collin County Jail following her arrest in late June. The 44-year-old was hired as a resident aide and claimed that … Continue reading Fraudulent Texas Nurse Jailed For Assaulting Elderly Patient

Guardianship Abuse Targeted By Michigan Attorney General

On July 9, Attorney General Dana Nessel and her task force of four score members reached Berrien County, the third stop on their tour of the state. The purpose of this tour is to address the emotional and financial issues presented with guardianship abuse. Attorney General Nessel’s Elder Abuse Task Force is made up of … Continue reading Guardianship Abuse Targeted By Michigan Attorney General

Gracedale Absenteeism Creates An Environment For Neglect And Abuse In Northampton County, PA, the Gracedale Nursing Home has been suffering a rash of missing employees for the last month. Dubbed the Gracedale absenteeism by county officials, June numbers for employee call-outs to the facility approached one-third of the facility’s workforce. County Executive Lamont McClure was … Continue reading

Tennessee’s Nursing Home Neglect Issues Showcased In Federal Report Last month, the Senate Special Committee on Aging members conducted a survey on the underperforming nursing homes of America. Sens. Bob Casey, D-Pennsylvania, and Pat Toomey, R-Pennsylvania released a report of that survey that endeavored to explore the extent of nursing home deficiency in America. The … Continue reading

Unreported Nursing Home Abuse Cases Number In The Thousands A string of reports from national auditors of nursing homes covered by The Register-Mail has revealed thousands of instances of unreported nursing home abuse across the nation. According to auditors for the Health and Human Services inspector general, unreported nursing home abuse cases make up 18% … Continue reading

Bedsores Pose High Risk of Sepsis For Nursing Home Residents Bedsores are an unfortunately common occurrence in nursing homes across the nation. When left untreated, these bedsores can become deadly because of complications that develop, including sepsis. With thousands of nursing home residents facing severe sepsis-related health issues every year, it’s important to understand exactly … Continue reading

How Nursing Homes Contribute to Skid Row’s LA Patient Dumping In Los Angeles, nursing homes have been abandoning mentally debilitated or medically intensive patients in the downtown area known as Skid Row. The practice, nicknamed LA patient dumping, occurs for many reasons, but ultimately, it happens far too often. Nursing homes make difficult decisions on … Continue reading

Nursing Home Sues for Unpaid Bills Despite Resident’s Wrongful Death In June 2015, Woodhaven Center of Care admitted that they were responsible for the death of then-resident Salvatore Niosi. Now, four years and a million-dollar settlement later, the nursing home is pursuing a countersuit for money that they claim was owed to them by the … Continue reading

VA Nursing Home Investigation Reveals Numerous Deficiencies Nationwide Veterans hold a particularly exalted place in American society. Seen by many as a class of citizens who have placed their lives on the line for their country, many believe that veterans deserve special treatment upon their return, and often businesses even dedicate events or discounts to … Continue reading

Grim Predictions For Kentucky’s Nursing Home Abuse Crisis Nearly half of Kentucky’s registered nursing homes fall below the state average in terms of care. Despite the low ranking, a piece of legislation titled House Bill 210 could worsen conditions for Kentuckians. However, some efforts are being made to improve things for seniors in the state … Continue reading

Lakewood Scabies Scare at New Jersey Nursing Home Sparks Caution Health alerts are always an unfortunate occurrence in the modern era. From E. Coli, Salmonella, or some new strain of flu, many health advisories are a jarring upset of every day living and a reminder to use caution in maintaining personal health and hygiene. More … Continue reading

Massachusetts Nursing Home Settlement Punishes Sub-Par Homes In a recent settlement, seven nursing homes across the state of Massachusetts were found lacking in quality of care and or inadequately run. The Massachusetts nursing home settlement was agreed upon in late March and levied fines of between $20,000 and $300,000 on each of the homes. As some … Continue reading

Rising Tide of Elderly Veterans Stressing VA’s Nursing Care Systems Within the next five years, more than a million veterans will age into eligibility for Veterans Administration publicly-funded nursing homes and alternative nursing services. The cost of this care could rise sharply to more than $10 billion annually, a nearly 50 percent increase over current … Continue reading

Are Bed Sores a Sign of Neglect? After a great deal of deliberation, you have decided to move your loved one into a nursing home in the hopes that they will receive around-the-clock care. However, every time you visit, your loved one is suffering from a bedsore. Bedsores are one of the most common and … Continue reading

Billion-Dollar Medicare Fraud Case Focuses on Miami Nursing Homes One of the largest Medicare fraud cases on record is currently underway in Florida, and it has assisted living facilities at its center. In 2016, FBI agents arrested Philip Esformes, owner of more than 30 Miami-area nursing and assisted living facilities, Odette Barcha, former director of … Continue reading

Photo of Nursing Home Resident Slumped Over Desk Goes Viral A viral photo of an elderly woman face-down in her pillow led to an inquiry at an Ohio nursing home, drawing attention to nursing home neglect nationwide. Local pastor Julia Wiggins posted a photo to Facebook last month showing 80-year-old nursing home resident Esther Brown … Continue reading

Australia to Better Regulate Restraints in Nursing Homes Australia will introduce new regulations about sedating or restraining nursing home residents, The Guardian reported.  According to MSN, three national reports in the last 18 months have recommended the government regulate the use of restraints. In September, the BBC reported that Prime Minister Scott Morrison announced an inquiry … Continue reading

How to Pursue Nursing Home Wrongful Death Cases Wrongful death is a civil case between the estate of a deceased nursing home patients and the facility that was entrusted to care for them. Beneficiaries of nursing home patients may pursue these charges if they feel the patient died unnecessarily of neglect, abuse or other actions. … Continue reading