Tomball Concealed Camera Leads to Caretaker’s Arrest

Tomball Concealed Camera Leads to Caretaker’s Arrest

The Tomball Concealed Camera captured numerous cases of physical abuse.

In Tomball, Texas, a nursing home caretaker has been arrested after a camera was placed in one resident’s room. The Tomball concealed camera recorded the caretaker verbally and physically abusing the resident and then mocking the resident for their injuries.

The Tomball concealed camera case began when Merry West Teno was visiting her mother and she confided that someone was hurting her. Following that conversation, Teno bought a camera and hid it in her mother’s room.

Former caretaker Tracy Thompson was the staff member caught on the Tomball concealed camera. The woman was heard verbally abusing the 93-year-old resident of the Grace Care Center and according to Teno, Thompson also did “so many different things . . . from her putting my mom’s feces in her mouth to her taking her leg and bending it all the way up as far as she could toward her face.” Additionally, Teno told reporters for ABC Channel 13 that not only was Thompson hurting her mother, She was also laughing about it while Teno’s mother struggles,  saying “Get your hands off of me.”

After seeing the footage from the Tomball concealed camera, Teno showed the footage to administrators at the Grace Care Center in Oct. 2019. Thompson was promptly fired following the conversation.

After going to the nursing home, Teno showed the Tomball concealed camera footage to the police, who began an investigation. That investigation carried into Jan. 2020 before Thompson was arrested and formally charged with injury to the elderly for the evidence on the Tomball concealed camera footage.

Since then Thompson has appeared in court on Jan. 28, 2020 when she posted bond. Thompson has been instructed to have no contact of any kind with the victim and is expected to return to court on Feb. 13, 2020. In response to Thompson’s arrest, Teno told reporters that “I pray that she stays put away for a long time, somewhere where she doesn’t have to be bothered with any human being.” Grace Care Center has not returned any requests for comment.

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