Crane Nursing Home Assaults Culprit Accepts Plea Deal From Prosecutors

Crane Nursing Home Assaults Culprit Accepts Plea Deal From Prosecutors

The perpetrator of the Crane nursing home assaults accepted his plea deal on Dec. 2, 2019.

From June 1, 2018, until Aug. 15, 2018, a series of sexual assaults were committed by a resident of Crane, Missouri on two women who were deemed to be mentally disabled. According to reports and court documents gathered by KY3 News, the perpetrator of the Crane nursing home assaults has now accepted a plea deal.

The man responsible for the Crane nursing home assaults, Paul Christianson, confessed to having sexual intercourse with two different female residents of the Ozark Regional Healthcare Facility as well as committing various sexual acts with them. Both of the female residents have been determined to be mentally impaired and incapable of giving consent to these actions. 44-year-old Christianson has again stirred up intrigue and controversy after he accepted the prosecution’s plea deal in early December.

According to records, on Dec. 2, 2019, Paul Christianson accepted a sentence of seven years in the Missouri Department of Corrections with two charges of sexual abuse for his part in the Crane nursing home assaults. Christianson also pleaded guilty to one charge of engaging in sexual contact with a vulnerable person and nursing home resident. This charge is a misdemeanor with a 90-day jail sentence that has been waived as time already served.

An additional condition to the plea deal offered to Christianson is that he will undergo the 120-day Sex Offender Assesment Unit (SOAU) program. If Christianson successfully completes this program, his time served for the Crane nursing home assaults will be only 120 days.

While some opponents to the plea deal argue that it is highly lenient, others argue that the punishment offers Christianson an opportunity to reform.

For more information about the dangers and courses of action for victims of sexual and physical abuse in nursing homes, visit the National Association of Nursing Home Attorney’s Physical Abuse Page.