Forest Park Facility Suit Alleges Gross Neglect and Theft

Forest Park Facility Suit Alleges Gross Neglect and Theft

The Forest Park facility suit is seeking damages for the wrongful death of Jamie Hernandez.

The Forest Park location of an Aperion Care nursing home is currently facing litigatory action over the wrongful death of a resident according to the Forest Park Review. The Forest Park facility suit alleges that the facility and its staff were grossly negligent in the safeguarding of 66-year-old Jamie Hernandez and his property.

According to the Forest Park facility suit, brought by Hernandez’s surviving family in Cook County, Il, Aperion Care staff failed to care for Hernandez in no fewer than 17 specific incidents that ultimately led to his untimely passing. The Forest Park facility suit also specifies that the family is seeking monetary damages from the corporation for their part in the neglect of Hernandez.

According to the complaint filed by Chicago law firm Levin & Perconti, the law firm representing the family of Jamie Hernandez in the Forest Park facility suit, Hernandez was admitted to the Forest Parke Aperion Care nursing home on Oct. 8, 2018, following a kidney transplant.
Upon his admission, facility staff members were informed that since Hernandez’s post-operation treatment involved the use of a dialysis catheter, he would need to be checked regularly for circulatory complications.

Margaret Battersy Black of Levin & Perconti informed reporters that not only was Jamie Hernandez not checked the recommended three times daily that his doctor ordered, Hernandez was also neglected beyond the scope of Aperion Care’s own monitoring protocol, which required residents to be checked on every two hours. Forest Park Police Chief Tom Aftanas confirmed through video records that Jamie Hernandez was not checked on at the two-hour mark following previous examinations.

According to the Forest Park facility suit, these neglectful practices were the reason that on Oct. 25, 2018, Jamie Hernandez was found dead in a pool of blood in his bathroom at the Aperion Care facility. Additionally, the Forest Park facility suit also alleges that the neglectful conduct of Aperion Care also resulted in the hiring of an employee with outstanding warrants in the neighboring state of Iowa.

The staff member, who remains unnamed, broke into Hernandez’s room and stole his iPhone before the family could retrieve Hernandez’s belongings. In response to this and other accusations in the Forest Park facility suit, Frederick Frankel, Aperion Care Inc.’s general counsel, told reporters in an email that “we are unable to comment on this matter at this time” citing the ongoing nature of litigation as a reason.

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