CMS Standard Reform Promises to Raise the Bar For Nursing Home Care

CMS Standard Reform Promises to Raise the Bar For Nursing Home Care

The CMS standard reform has been implemented in the hopes of improving nursing home quality of care.

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) have announced a series of reforms to the standards to which nursing homes are being held. The CMS standard reform is intended to reshape the way that nursing homes and care facilities are evaluated.

The CMS standard reform, which was announced on October 17, will implement a variety of new criteria for assessing nursing homes by adjusting the State Performance Standards System (SPSS). The reforms undertaken include the following:

  • Establishing State Performance Indicators that will seek to identify the various underlying causes for inadequate performance in the range of scored performance measures.
  • Including survey frequency run-rates to assist in the assessment of the mid-year progress made towards meeting Frequency measures goals during the fiscal year.
  • Adding the ability to include state-specific measures to tailor the programs and address
    state-specific issues withing the issues.
  • Improving the times given to implement corrections to 18-24 months and leveraging centralized data sources and hubs to access data and avoid redundant or duplicative data reporting.
  • Including a new measure for case reports where immediate jeopardy is cited that indicates if the survey agency delivered the IJ template at the exit conference

The CMS standard reform announcement also announced the intent to significantly enhance the oversight mechanisms concerning the method by which complaints and facility reported incident reports are handled, including how each state prioritizes reports of abuse or neglect, the timeliness of the investigation of reports, and the quality of those investigations. These efforts will hopefully result in more immediate and effective actions being taken as a response to these reports.

With these new initiatives, CMS will hopefully close gaps in resident care at nursing homes and enable a higher standard of care that provides meaningful consequences to delinquent nursing homes.

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