Augusta Resident Assaults Leave Two Nursing Home Denizens Injured

Augusta Resident Assaults Leave Two Nursing Home Denizens Injured

Both of the victims in the Augusta resident assaults were elderly men.

The physical abuse of two elderly residents has left residents at the Golden Living Center-Windermere shocked at the alleged conduct of one nursing aide according to The Augusta Chronicle. The alleged perpetrator of the Augusta resident assaults, Jatoria Johnson, has received felony charges after being arrested in early October.

The 22-year-old has been charged with two felony counts for the exploitation of an elder or disabled adult and is currently behind bars for her part in the Augusta resident assaults. These charges come after another staff member allegedly witnessed Johnson assaulting a resident.

According to the witness to the Augusta resident assault, Johnson went to care for a male resident, who was being cooperative. Johnson was rough in her assistance and the man began to flail around. During this flailing, the resident struck Johnson, who retaliated. Johnson struck the resident a minimum of two times in the arm and chest, and dragged him off of his bed, causing him to strike his head. Johnson was heard yelling that if the resident could hit her, she could hit him.

After the Augusta resident assault, the man was examined and found to have a bruise on the right side of his chest, and a split lip. The following day, the director of the Golden Living Center informed deputies that new information had emerged about a second incident that day. According to another staff member, Johnson had come to assist the witness with changing a patient’s underwear when Johnson allegedly grabbed and twisted the patient’s genitals. When asked about this, the patient denied three times having been touched or hurt there when the director asked him, but told deputies that Johnson had hurt him in the pelvic area.

Windermere Health and Rehabilitation Center released a statement in response to the Augusta resident assaults. The company stated that it is cooperating with the sheriff’s office investigation and is also conducting its own investigation. The company also stated “Windermere Health and Rehabilitation Center takes very seriously all allegations of abuse and neglect” and has placed Jatoria Johnson on suspension until the police and internal investigations are completed.

Jatoria Johnson is currently being held at the Charles B. Webster Detention Center.

For more information about identifying and combatting the physical abuse of nursing home residents, visit the National Association of Nursing Home Attorney’s Physical Abuse Page.