Tomball Hidden Camera Scandal Sparks Nursing Assistant Termination

Tomball Hidden Camera Scandal Sparks Nursing Assistant Termination

The Tomball hidden camera scandal shows the important, if controversial role hidden cameras play in modern nursing homes.

The town of Tomball, Texas has been sent reeling after the daughter of 93-year-old Ethel Teno planted a camera in her mother’s room and captured her mother’s physical and verbal abuse by a nursing assistant who worked at her nursing home. The Tomball hidden camera scandal has drawn the attention of news outlets and the local law enforcement agencies who are now looking into the actions of the nursing assistant.

Mary Teno, daughter of Ethel Teno, was worried that her mother was being abused by the staff members of Grace Care Northpointe Center in the small town of Tomball. After hearing accounts from her mother that a nursing aide had been physically abusing her, Mary Teno decided to plant the device that would provide the key evidence for the Tomball hidden camera scandal.

When she reviewed the footage of the Tomball hidden camera scandal, Mary Teno discovered that the nursing assistant charged with caring for the elderly Ethel Teno was actually committing a series of abuses against her mother instead. The footage recorded a series of abusive comments and statements, as well as instances of physically striking and restraining her mother while the elderly woman cried out in pain and pleaded with the aide to stop it. The worst of this footage, according to Newsweek, was when the nursing home assistant forced some kind of “mess” into Ethel Teno’s mouth.

In response to the footage, Mary Teno told reporters “It hurt me to see my mom being treated like that. And she could not defend herself,” Teno also voiced concern for the mental stability of the nursing aide, stating that she needed mental health. Grace Care Northpointe Center also responded to the stories and investigations by confirming that the nursing assistant in question has been fired and that the facility is assisting the relevant agencies in their investigations.

A statement was also released by the law firm that represents Grace Care in response to the Tomball hidden camera scandal. They stated that despite not receiving the video footage, the inexcusability of the actions recorded is implicitly understood. They also stated that the behavior depicted in the footage is not condoned by the Grace Care Center and they are taking steps to ensure that “nothing remotely similar happens again.” The representatives also reiterated that the Grace Care Center still fully intends to cooperate with authorities and the family of Ethel Teno until the matters of the Tomball hidden camera scandal have been fully settled.

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