Salem Nursing Home Lawsuit Seeks $3 Million for Neglect

Salem Nursing Home Lawsuit Seeks $3 Million for Neglect

The Salem Nursing Home Lawsuit aims to earn compensation for Helen Banks' wrongful death.

A recent account by the Statesman Journal detailed a Salem nursing home lawsuit for almost $3 million in damages following the alleged abuse, neglect, death of a resident. The family of 91-year-old Helen Banks is filing suit against East Salem Assisted Living, LLC after their great-great-grandmother passed away from alleged neglect after only a month of residence at the Cedar Village Memory Care Community in Salem, Oregon.

The family stated when they filed the Salem nursing home lawsuit that East Salem Assisted Living allowed Helen Banks to fall three times in only four days, allegedly making them guilty of elder abuse and neglect.

According to the Oregon Department of Human Services, the Salem nursing home lawsuit is far from the only complaint. The facility has had 16 cases of abuse and neglect reports in the past nine years. All of which were found to be true.

According to the lawsuit, Helen Banks became a resident of Cedar Village Assisted Living back in Aug. 2017 after she fell in her home and was determined to need “a higher degree of medical care and supervision.” Over several months, the Salem nursing home lawsuit alleges that Helen Banks’ health and well-being entered into a decline as several abusive and neglectful practices ensued including:

  • Her illnesses were ignored
  • She was neglected for hours
  • She denied assistance for bathing and daily living

The lawsuit alleges that these behaviors were constant and infringed upon the dignity and decency of Helen Banks.

The Salem nursing home lawsuit also states that beginning on March 22, 2018, Helen Banks suffered a series of progressively more negligent events that lead to her wrongful death. On the date in question, Helen Banks was unsupervised and showering alone, despite struggling with undiagnosed pneumonia and notes indicating that she was not to be left alone. Unfortunately, Banks fell “forcefully” to the ground and received two grievous lacerations on her head.

Banks was taken to the hospital, where her pneumonia was diagnosed and her wounds were treated. The following day Banks was returned to Cedar Village. Despite her recent trauma, diminished cognition, pneumonia, and recent hospitalization, Banks was still left unsupervised. Seven hours after her return from the hospital, on March 23, Helen Banks was found on the floor in a pool of blood caused by lacerations during a second fall which broke her elbow.

Following another visit to the hospital, Helen Banks was once again discharged into the care of Cedar Village on March 24. Following this event, staff members were given explicit orders that Helen Banks required line-of-sight supervision.

On March 26, 2018, Helen Banks fell for a third time, this time due to inadequate mobility assistance. She was taken to the hospital with a broken clavicle where she, unfortunately, passed away.

The Salem nursing home lawsuit is now calling for $1 million in medical economic damages, $50,000 in funeral costs, and $2 million for loss of companionship. Frontier Management, the managing company for Cedar Village stated that they were not aware of any pending lawsuits. Cedar Village management did not respond for comment.

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