Fort Worth Sexual Assault of Paralyzed Woman Results in Life Sentences

Fort Worth Sexual Assault of Paralyzed Woman Results in Life Sentences

The Fort Worth sexual assault case was decided in less than two hours in Texas courts.

The Fort Worth sexual assault of a 74-year-old woman with dementia has resulted in a jail sentence of two lifetimes. The jury took less than two hours on Aug. 21 to convict 53-year-old Anthony Nyakeo of aggravated sexual assault on an elderly or disabled person.

CBS 11 News reported on the Fort Worth sexual assault story, stating that Nyakeo, who worked at the Woodridge Health and Rehabilitation Center in Grapevine, Texas, was arrested in January 2018, for the sexual assault of his dementia-stricken ward, who was unable to speak or move. The assault was discovered when nurses working at the facility found blood in the underwear of the resident. The facility immediately notified the resident’s family and the police.

Micheal Templin, nephew of the resident who was victimized by the Fort Worth sexual assault, received a call from the administrator of the Woodridge Health and Rehabilitation Center informing him of the situation and requesting his permission to investigate the incident further. Tamplin granted his permission and, after examining the resident, all male staff members were subjected to DNA testing to match the DNA found on and inside the resident.

Anthony Nyakeo was found to be a match to the DNA found by the sexual assault examiner and was charged. Nyakeo denied his involvement, stating that his DNA had been planted on the resident using discarded condoms he had disposed of during a tryst with a coworker. This alibi failed to exonerate him from accusations or guilt.

Jordan Rolfe, the lead prosecutor of the Fort Worth sexual assault case, spoke to the jury about the sickening nature of the crimes committed. Rolfe told the jury “She could not speak, feed herself or use the bathroom on her own as she wore a diaper and relied on staff.” he called on the jury’s sense of honor, punctuating his statement by saying “we each deserve the peace of mind of knowing we will be treated with dignity” in reference to a time when the jury would one day become old and rely on the trust of others for help.

Nyakeo was given two two life sentences on Aug. 22, 2019 for his part in the Fort Worth sexual assault. The resident that he sexually assaulted passed away this past year at the age of 75. Her family can now rest assured that justice has been served with the man who assaulted her behind bars.

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