Summerville Home Withdrawal Showcases Severe Shortcomings

Summerville Home Withdrawal Showcases Severe Shortcomings

The Summerville home withdrawal has resulted in yet another lawsuit being levied against the Oakbrook nursing home.

Candace Johnson believed that the Oakbrook Health and Rehabilitation Center was the perfect place for her 83-year-old mother to live. Unfortunately, the Summerville home withdrawal that she executed just two months later spoke to the complicated array of issues.

Originally housed in New Jersey, Candace Johson’s 83-year-old recent move from New Jersey was supposed to be a change for the better. Johnson told WCSC 5 that she had read “that South Carolina had a lot of advocacies for seniors,” and she was “was pretty excited” to bring her mother to the Oakborrok nursing home.

Johnson explained that her decision to execute the Summerville home withdrawal was related to concerns about her mother’s dementia and general health. “Our visits were frequent. I would go visit every other day at different times and we just noticed that her health declined,” Johnson described.

Other concerns that led to the Summerville home withdrawal may have included two pending lawsuits against Oakborrk. One suit claims that a resident died from reckless care and another suit makes the case that a staff member gave a female resident the wrong medication which led to an accidental overdose

BeforeJohnson removed her mother from the Oakbrook nursing home, she had filed three grievances internally with the home’s administration. Additionally, Johnson said that she noticed that her mother’s activity had sharply decreased; she had allegedly stopped walking, talking, and was frequently found sitting in her own urine.

Johnson has reached out to attorney Nate Hughey for legal advice. Hughey currently has four pending elder abuse and neglect claims against Oakbrook and three cases that have been settled

Hughey has stated that he has found evidence that Oakbrook has altered their records to avoid liability, failed to explain patient bruising, maintained neglectful behavior, and even failed to watch clients with a high fall risk resulting in at least one death

Oakbrook has received similar discouraging statements from Medicare.gov who assign the site an overall rating of “Below average” and their quality of resident care has been assigned a rating of “much below average.”
Oakbrook has responded to the outcry by stating that their corporate office will be handling the matter.

For more information about the dangers and signs of neglect in nursing homes, visit the National Association of Nursing Home Attorneys’ Neglect Page.