Macclenny Resident Assault Results in Two Nursing Home Staffers’ Arrest

Macclenny Resident Assault Results in Two Nursing Home Staffers’ Arrest

The two nursing assistants involved in the Macclenny resident assault have been arrested this week.

In Macclenny, Florida two former nursing assistants are now in a jail cell following reports of savage mishandling of an elderly resident. The Macclenny resident assault was revealed on Tuesday along with the arrest of the perpetrators: Trestany Wilkerson and Rikki Davis.

The Macclenny resident assault occurred at the Macclenny Nursing and Rehab facility. The nursing assistants were reported this week when surveillance footage showed Davis and Wilkerson pushing down a female resident’s legs in a manner described as “forceful” and pulling the resident’s shirt while it was wrapped around her neck. After this series of events, Trestany Wilkerson placed a cloth over the surveillance camera in the room.

Additionally, police informed Firstcoast News that the Macclenny resident assault also included an incident in which the two women “threw the resident into her wheelchair” and swore and berated her when she began to flail.

The two women who took part in the Macclenny resident assault have been charged with felony abuse. In response to their accusations, both women and Macclenny Nursing and Rehab have made comments.

Rikki Davis has admitted to police that she did hit the elderly resident, and defended her actions as appropriate with the resident’s “combative” behavior.

Trestany Wilkerson has denied any part in the Macclenny resident assault as abusive and described her actions as appropriate given the combative nature of the resident as well.

Macclenny Nursing and Rehab released a full statement regarding the Macclenny resident assault stating that “The care and safety and dignity of all of our residents is the upmost importance to the staff and management of Macclenny.” Macclenny Nursing and Rehab also made a point of stating that they immediately contacted Baker County Sheriff’s Department and the Florida Department of Children and Families upon learning of the resident’s mistreatment.

The nursing home has announced its full intention to cooperate with law enforcement agencies and the state’s investigations in addition to conducting internal investigations to weed out any “conduct which could adversely affect our residents.”

The Macclenny resident assault is just one of several alarming cases of nursing home abuse that have occurred in the past weeks. While this may seem to be a rash of bad behavior, the revelation of these bad behaviors is also a sign that facilities, visitors, and residents are acting vigilantly to attempt to increase the safety and accountability of their nursing home. As always, it is recommended that any families looking to admit loved ones into nursing homes be proactive in asking questions and talking to current residents to explore whether a facility is right for their family member.

For more information about nursing home abuse, visit the National Association of Nursing Home Attorney’s Physical Abuse Page.