Fraudulent Texas Nurse Jailed For Assaulting Elderly Patient

Fraudulent Texas Nurse Jailed For Assaulting Elderly Patient

For this fraudulent Texas nurse, her ability to harm residents has ended.

Collin County officials have arrested Ms. Glenda Basanes in connections with forging a nursing license and assaulting a 92-year-old resident of the Loving Care Home in Lucas, Texas. The fraudulent Texas nurse now resides in Collin County Jail following her arrest in late June.

The 44-year-old was hired as a resident aide and claimed that she was licensed as a nurse in the state of Texas. While working at the Loving Care Home, Basanes allegedly caused bodily injury to a disabled resident, slapped the butt of a facility owner, assaulted residents, and sexually abused at least one resident.

According to court records, the fraudulent Texas nurse grabbed a resident by the rear and shook her backside, which the resident later stated shot pain all the way up her back. Authorities were alerted to the situation three days later on June 24, and when they arrested Bansanes they also found $50,000 in counterfeit cash and small amounts of controlled substances according to Dallas News.

At the time of her arrest, Bansanes had worked at the Loving Care Home for 64 days. When questioned about how this fraudulent Texas nurse could be allowed to operate for over two months without confirming her credentials, facility owners stated that she would direct the inquiry elsewhere. According to the Dallas News, she would use phrases such as “I’ll get it for you, but if you don’t mind, can you come check somebody really quick? I think they’re not having a good day, or, ‘The sink is leaking and it’s making a big mess.’ Every single time, it was redirected.”

Bansanes has not released an official statement in her defense and her bail has been set for $62,500. Though the story of this fraudulent Texas nurse is disturbing, it is symptomatic of a larger issue in nursing homes. Many homes are in danger of understaffing from increasing demand, to combat this some facilities may become lax in their screening process in order to fill the labor vacuum. For this reason, individuals should thoroughly vet potential nursing homes before committing a loved one to any particular home.

For more information about physical or sexual abuse of elders, visit the National Association of Nursing Home Attorney’s Physical Abuse Page.