Perpetrator Charged in Nursing Home Birth Case in Arizona

Perpetrator Charged in Nursing Home Birth Case in Arizona

A newborn baby born to a woman in a coma in a nursing home in Arizona

UPDATED: According to the New York Times, a 36-year-old nurse named Nathan Sutherland was charged with sexual assault and vulnerable adult abuse.

Two months ago a patient in a vegetative state in Arizona gave birth which launched an investigation of mistreatment, rape, and abuse within nursing homes. Attorney Rick Romley has been hired to look into the case and situation for accurate facts for Hacienda Healthcare, according to NPR.

Romley explained that the investigation will work with law enforcement, state and federal agencies, as well as security within the nursing home. He said in a news conference, “I will be going in there and looking at the security surrounding the entire facility to make sure that there’s no future harm to any of the other patients.” Initially, he hesitated in his decision of taking on the case but the board of directors assured Romley that they wanted to correct this crime and prevent any future abuse to occur.

Police are still trying to find the perpetrator of the crime and served a search warrant to collect DNA samples in January for all of the male employees.

As for the employees at the nursing home, they claim that they were not aware of the patient’s pregnancy. The 29-year-old victim was a patient there from the age of three when she almost drowned. A nurse called 911 moments after the baby was born and repeatedly explains, “We had no idea she was pregnant.”

And this isn’t the first time Hacienda Healthcare has been in the spotlight, AZ Family reported.  In 2014, the nursing home overcharged the state by $3.4 million although they insist they are innocent and refuse to turn over any financial documents. The state has no severed all ties to Hacienda after the sexual abuse case.

The mother of another victim in the facility said she is sleeping next to her daughter, who has hundreds of seizures a day until an arrest is made.

She said, “Trust has been broken. Trust has definitely been broken.”